Saturday, February 9, 2013

✐ In the Dark - Reaching for the light

I created this picture back in 2009, just found it when I looked through all the pics I've made. I felt it was perfect to illustrate how I feel at the moment. A lot has happened inisde of me since I started to meditate to Isochronic Tones, and still is. Many past experiences and traumas manifest themselves in my dreams, that's where I process them. While sleeping I can have nightmares, waking up from them with the feeling of pain, hurt, fear and helplessnes. Then I go back to sleep after a few hours and end up in the exact same dream, but I've been able to change the dreams, giving me my power back.

All these "cleansing dreams" I've experienced lately, have taken it's toll on me, I feel exhausted. So I haven't had the energy to upload videos on YouTube, but I will continue as soon as I feel more energy again.

Dreams have always been a big part of my life, that's where I process "stuff". I remember dreams from my childhood, dreams that I had when I was 4 years old. Also, I recently had a dream about someone's (close to my family) death, that person died last week. Maybe there's a rational explanation for these type of dreams, but it feels a bit scary, sometimes I'm afraid to go to sleep, I have no idea where I will end up in my dreams. Sleep is not rest for me, my subconscious mind and psyche is working on overdrive and I wake up either with a pounding heart or just exhausted.

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