Wednesday, January 29, 2014

✐ Woke up with this song in my head, 3 AM this morning

So my first post, this year 2014, I haven't had the energy to write anything. My chronic depression took a deep dive just before Christmas, didn't celebrate any of the "big" days, I slept through all the fireworks on New Years Eve. I also had an excrutiating toothache during the Christmas week, then when I finally was weened off the "over the counter painkillers", I got a cold, so back on the painkillers again...

So apart from some physical issues, my thoughts and mind have been buried in the darkness of the ocean bottom, reflecting over the future of my own (toothless) life as well of what's happening in the world. I only see the beginning of a dark world, it will get darker. All the conflicts in the world, people suffering, in Syria, Afganistan,the Philippines, parts of Africa, etc... The rich getting richer, and the poor... Mother Earth getting raped...

And all the hate growing in Europe, this year we have election to the EU parlament and so many 'far right wing parties', nazis, racists are more then ready to grab some of those seats. One of them, the greek party, The Golden Dawn, of course they're dependent on the Greek peoples votes, but my guess is that they will get enough votes to make it into the European parlament. I can understand why, the people in Greece have had to pay a high price for what incompenent and corrupt politicians have done to the country. Then we have Hungary, France, etc... so many unhappy European citizens.

Fuck politicians, they make laws and agreements, that may look good on paper, but they forget that there are millions of human beings that gets affected, who struggle to make ends meet. Politicians the new elit or "nobles" who sits on their high thrones in Brussels making decisions over our heads. The Europen Union was thought to be a garanti for "peace", I think it will be the opposite. I'm not "right" or "left" or in the middle, I'm human, there is no political party for me.

Almost forgot, we have election in Sweden as well, the last political poll showed that the racist party 'Sweden Democrats' was the third largets party....  go figure.

And then the surveillance states, including Sweden's FRA, USA's NSA and whatever the name is of UK's national security service... and who knows how many other countries participates in this shady business. I did get too involved in that shit last year, wrote blog posts, tweeted, G-plussed, made playlists on YouTube, etc. I'm not anymore, made me too depressed. Good thing though, the televised Swedish news are reporting about it now. I'm not using my smartphone, (no apps), well I wasn't doing it before the Snowden documents either, but that was because it used too much battery and I don't need a "mini computer" to make phone calls, my 7 year old Nokia works fine.

So to the grand finale of this depressing and negative post, the video: