Friday, January 28, 2011


I was crowned as ♛ MISS VIRTUAL TRASH 2010 ♛, December 20 - 2010. My best acheivement so far and I'm so happy about it, so proud. :-) So many people to thank, for being there and supporting me in the most important moment in my life. XD

Video on YouTube 

This is just me making a satire of all the "Beauty Contests" in Second Life, and not directed to any particular person or establishment. I'm pondering over why we humans have this need to compete all the time, is it in our genes or the enviroment, or maybe a combination of the both...? I mean the "happiness" you feel when you win something is so momentary, after awhile you want to win something bigger, you want more and more. The cup is always half empty...

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