Wednesday, May 15, 2013

✐ Memories

I couldn't help but to think of you today. The first semi-final of the Eurovision song contest, that takes place in Sweden this year, because of Loreen (Euphoria) winning the contest last year.  I watched it alone. Happy that your country made it to the finals.

Also it's 5 years ago I had to get a passport so I could visit you. The past few years I've used it as an identity card, but it's expiring in June. So I have to apply for a new passport, visiting the same place as I did 5 years ago.Then I was so much in love, full of dreams and hope...
Now I'm going there just because of necessity, I need a  document to be able identify myself in the society I live in.

These songs are for, what used to be "us".

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