Thursday, June 6, 2013

✐ Summertime...

After a very long, cold and a snowy winter, summer has finally arrived in Sweden. If you ever going to visit this northern hemisphere, this is the time.

So yesterday I had to leave my comfort zone and travel to the nearest Police Station to renew my passport/identity-card. I had already booked a time on the web, so it went really fast. But I was a bit early, so I sat down on a bench outside and just enjoyed the weather. Speaking about 'benches', I've lost a lot of weight the past 3 months, specially on my butt. I could actually feel my bones, sitting on that bench and it kind of hurt. The protective 'fat cushion' I once had there is gone. Now I'm just waiting for the fat to vanish from my belly, my body have always had the tendency to store fat there first, so I guess that's the last that will go.

The view from where I'm sitting on the bench, outside the Police Station. This is actually the first photo I've taken with my Android phone since I bought it a year ago.

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