Saturday, March 19, 2011

✐ Rest In Peace - My beloved birds

Well now it seems like my female is dying, found her 3 mornings in a row on the same place where I found the male dead. She ate a little bit yesterday, but is not able to perch, falls down on the cage bottom. She's so weak, she have a hard time, sitting on my shoulder, but she insists, she want to be close to me. Last night I wrapped her loosely in a soft towel and took her to bed with me, we slept together all night. She is on my shoulder atm, but haven't eaten or drank any water yet, it breaks my heart seeing her this sick and weak. Of course I'm hoping she will pull trhough, but watching her closely yesterday and today, I just know she is dying, the wait for her last breath is killing me. I don't know if she's in pain or suffering. My life SUCKS at the moment.

My female cockatiel (age 16 years) passed away at, 14:30 pm CET - March 18, 2011. R.I.P

She was fine the first 4 weeks after the male passed away, but week 5 something changed, she started to give up. She passed away while I was holding her in my hands, felt and heard her last breath, feeling the life in her body vanish. Now both of them are gone and my appartment feels very empty and I feel very lonely in my grief. There is no Delete Button to "The Bad Memories Folder" in my brain, only the passing of time will make the memories slowly fade away.

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