Friday, December 9, 2011


I really dislike the web profiles with the Following Option. I haven't found a way to prevent people from Following/Stalking me. If I don't want to be somebody's friend there is a reason for it, now they can Follow me on my web profile. I'm not Following anyone, I have former friends and the Calling Cards to look at if I'm interested to see what they're upto. Well I have two former friends that have decided to STALK my web profile, and all I can say, get a life!!!

I have found a way to block unwanted Followers/Stalkers from reading my web profile. Go to Settings, then Privacy. There you can choose who you want to share your Web Profile with, I have selected, "Friends" from the 'drop down menu' on almost everything, so now it's only available to my FRIENDS. This only affects the Web Profile, in-world you can still see the profiles, unless you use the latest LL Viewer, then you can NOT see "in-world profiles", only Web Profiles. Also your ex friends Calling Cards are still in your inventory, unless you deleted them. (By the way, I'm using Phoenix as my viewer.)

But the 3 UNWANTED Followers/Stalkers I have, there is no way to get rid off them. Sloppy job Linden Lab. No warning about that my "In-World" Profile have been published on the web, and the privacy settings needs some tweaking. There should be a way to remove Followers! I din't want Web Profiles in the first place, I don't even have Facebook, what I do in SL should stay there, not be published on the web for all to see. Also the Privacy settings should be set to PRIVATE as default, many people don't even know that their Picks and Groups are available for anyone to see.

Apparently this is a BUG, I posted a Topic about it on the SL Forum and got this answer:
"It is probably a bug and not so much your former friends that actually started following you by clicking a button, I have had the same when cleaning up my friendslist - 6 ppl I removed immediately appeared on my 'followers'list. They are probably unaware of that themselves.
More ppl have reported this in several feedback posts, so I hope this gets solved soon! It's a bit odd indeed!"
Source: SL Forum

UPDATE 02/01/12
Now there is a Remove Button to delete unwanted followers. Thanks Linden Staff :-)

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