Saturday, November 17, 2012

✐ This is the End my Friend

I'm losing my interest in Second life, the time I spend there get's less and less. When I'm logged in I usually don't go anywhere, only once in awhile. I mostly stay on my land alone with the 'Busy Mode Button' activated, sitting on a tree trunk on the roof of my house, listening to nature sounds and meditation music.

Then we have all the changes Linden Lab have introduced during the year; new ugly viewers, new TPV rules, mesh, pathfinding, etc. I feel that SL more and more is becoming close to the real world, where they come up with ideas that forces us to consume more. Take 'mesh' for an example, only visible in viewers that are based on V2 code and the plan is to close server access for V1 coded viewers, like Phoenix (my favorite viewer). Anyway, why introducing 'mesh'? For us users it means we have to buy everything we already have, but in mesh. A clever idea of Linden Lab and the merchants to make more money.

After 5 years and 9 months, this fat lady is starting to warm up her voice, prepaired to sing her last song. And that will be when Linden Lab close the access for V1 based coded viewers, when I can't log in with Phoenix anymore.

(Friday, 9 March 2012)
Interview with Oz Linden | Treet TV 

(Saturday, 17 December 2011)
Rockcliffe University hosted a Q and A session with Jessica Lyon and Nigma Sterling. 

It's all about making:
$ Profit $

The end of Phoenix

Well, Good Luck, Linden Lab, but this time I think you have gone to far. Yes I know you own the platform but with really pissed off residents, that probably will leave, specially we "oldies", the ones with the credit cards and the money, and not the teenies or newbies., I predict that Second Life will be an old memory, not so far away. You're trying to make SL into an online game that you think will attract new ("willing to spend $$") residents. Here's the truth, at least for many of us, Second Life have been a Virtual World, where we can meet people from all over the world, having fun, dancing, chatting, music, etc. And NOT a game. You couldn't handle that the TPV developers managed to make a better viewer than your own, did you?! And do you really think that you can "make it" in the competition of really awesome online games, with years of development behind them, I don't think so.

Well, a bunch of credits and "Thank You's" to the Phoenix/Firestorm team, and other TPV developers, for their voluntary and hard work to make viewers that the resiedents really likes. And a special 'Thank you' to Jessica Lyon, who have worked so hard (and still is), being like the spider in the net, cordinating everything, keeping us informed about Linden Labs plans for the future, besides being a part of a team that makes the best viewers in Second Life. Thank You Jessica!

Later: (12-18-2012)
After half a bottle of vodka, clubbing in SL is so boooring. The good old clubs have closed :-( What's left and the few new ones, are just a big YAWN. Sure there are a few exceptions, still some good DJ's left. Well I'm gonna finish my vodkadrink ( 7 PM CET/ 11 AM SLT) and go to sleep. I'm bored to death and very sleepy. Don't think I will miss SL when the "big changes" on the server side is implemented and Phoenix becomes "unusable". Unless I just stay on my land and don't see anyone, the coming of  the "Gray Ones". Wonder if my own avatar will "bake"!

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