Monday, October 21, 2013

✐ Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements

I've just watched this video from 'Storm Clouds Gathering', a very terrifying future scenario. Watch the video on youTube and then read the 'Top Comments', that is REALLY scary.

In 2010 we had election in Sweden and the racist party ' Sweden Democrats' made it into the parlament, that was a shocking result for me. So I made a picture in Second Life and uploaded it on Flickr and wrote about my thoughts and feelings in the description. I'm quoting a part of the description here:
"Didn't people learn anything from the time when Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) began their journey to gain power. It was the German citizens who voted for his party. In May 1928 the NSDAP had 2.6 % of the votes, from 810,100 Germans and 12 seats in the parlament, on March 6,1933 the NSDAP increased its result to 43.9% of the votes, from 17,277,000 Germans and 288 seats in the parlament.
Please!!! Let's not repeat this ugly history. At that time it was about the jews, however this can happen in other countries to any ethnic group."
Racist party in the Swedish Parlament (Flickr)
I say it again, please let's not repeat the most horryfing and appalling era of what the hideous crimes mankind are able to carry out. So much hate and ignorance, why do they consider 'whites' being the supreme race, stupidity I guess. I feel ashamed about my own race, there's no difference between skin colors, it's evolution, the genes in our body that have evolved to fit the enviroment we live in.

More to read HERE!

Here's the video from YouTube, but watch it on YouTube so you can read the comments.

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