Tuesday, October 15, 2013

✐ Prisoners of our brain

I may have written earler that I only have 4 TV Channels and one of them is the 'Knowledge Channel' that I watch quite frequently. They broadcast lectures from different Swedish universities. Here you will find new discoveries in medicine, take note of the public debate and follow popular science lectures with some of Sweden's most prominent speakers.

Anyway, on Sunday I listened to a very interesing lecture, that somehow had a real impact on me, can't stop to think about what he said and I would really like ot watch that lecture again. 
The Lecture was called:
"From Stone Age man to the present. What is the real sense? What do we perceive the real and what is unreal? Sverre Sjolander, zoologist, tells us how important it is that all the signals to the brain works so that we understand our world. Organizer: University of Linköping."

He said that the perception of reality is a mental construction and that we're bascially prisoners of our brain.
"Our culture is the first in history to have corrected the map for the terrain that is the case until someone draws the better. Konrad Lorenz merged Kant and Darwin: The image of the world is a subjective opinion, but of all possible views, the closest to reality a survival value that is passed on.
How are we designed to perceive the world in one way or another? No culture before us have discovered the fact that "if the map does not reflect reality as we draw on the map"! A widespread approach only from the 1700s. But even the perception of reality is a mental construction. It's just that it has proven to have the best explanatory power than any other so far fabricated structures!

We formulate a conception of the world that can be falsified. The idea we have is the one that best explains reality right now until someone finds a better which falsifies the old. Why is our culture, the only one who did this? Everything that goes on in reality is just an idea in my brain. It's just in my head."
Source: Sverre Sjolander: A zoologs worldview | Humanist West (In Swedish)
I found the video online, he's speaking English. I don't know if the video is accessible in all countries 
From Stone Age man to the present

Some quotes from the lecture:
 "The function of animal cocnition is not to represent reality, it is to allow the animal to act in an adaptive way.
-- Source: Konrad Lorens

"The difference between a hallucinating lunatic and a normal person is not that one hallucinates and the other perceives reality. Both are hallucinating, but in the normal person the hallucinating is in close resonance with reality"
He says that we're always are hallucinating, but his hallucination is in resonance with reality.
-- Source: Sverre Sjölander

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