Tuesday, January 1, 2013

✐ "Happy" (?) "New Year" (?)

I find it difficult to wish everyone a "Happy New Year". Why?... Well first of all how do you define the word Happy, it's subjective, what's happy for me may not be happy for someone else. Second; nobody is happy all the time, life goes up and down. Without the downs, you wouldn't know that you are happy and vice versa. And then we have the "New Year", it's man made from the Gregorian Calender (I think), it's just a way for us humans to be able to make sense of time, more of a practical thing. Based on  the past, the moment and the future. I was going to say that the Universe have no time, that it's eternal, but then I googled on it, and found that it's much more complicated than that. Many different theories Philosophy of Time

I don't celebrate "The New Year", but others around me does and that is just a nuisance to me. The week before, fire crackers/works all the time with it's culmination at 12 on New Years Eve. So much noise, the time between Christmas and New Year's is the worst time of the year, I hate it. Yes I know, I'm the "Christmas/New Years Grinch". And on top of it all, Christmas isn't over yet, not in Sweden, here it's a 2 week "celebration" that ends after Epiphany Day (13th day after Jesus birth). In one of the worlds most secularised country!!!

Next Monday, everything will go back to "normal".

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