Saturday, March 23, 2013

✐ My names...

Voff Uggla is the name I gave my avatar when I joined the Second Life Virtual Community, February 2007. Meaning: 'The barking owl'.

I also have a spiritual name that was given to me summer 1983, Ma Prem Achambho. Meaning: 'Ms. Love and Wonder'. Achambho is also one of my legal names.

The first name I was given, was by my parents. Even though my father is a strict and steadfast atheist, he and my mother named me; Eva. A name from the bible... Adam and Eve?! But they didn't name my brother

When I was 16 years old I changed the 'v' in Eva to a 'w', prononced the same in Swedish. I wanted to be cool and thought Ewa looked better. My father still spells Ewa with a 'v'.

For 10 years I was hanging with people that only knew me as Achambho, I got used to that name. So I made it legal 1989. My legal first names are: Achambho Ewa.

The purpose of giving me a spiritual name was that I shouldn't identify myself with my old name and old life. Now I realized that it didn't matter so much, I listen when I hear Achambho and Ewa.

Now I've been Voff for 6 years and I have several different nicknames on the web. I don't identify myself with any of my names, I understand that names are necessary for a practical reason, living in a society, in the world, etc. In a way, my names have no meaning to me, but it's not all true. I wouldn't like it if someone else gave me a name or a number, I had to use.I've accepted the two names given to me, at my physical bith and my spiritual birth.

Oh, I almost forgot I have an Arabic name as well, I don't remember it though. I had to convert to Islam when I and my ex Persian husband wanted to travel to Iran and visit his family. That happened 1994, I stayed with him and his family in Isfahan (Esfahan) for 2 months.

-- Voff - Ewa - Achambho :-)

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