Monday, March 11, 2013

✐ My teeth again...

This problem with my teeth is worse than I thought. I've noticed that I have them clenched together during sleep, that will explain the pain I have in my jaw, face, neck and shoulder. In my right upper jaw, one of the canine teeth is broken off, the tooth root is still there but there is a gap. So during sleep, with my jaw clenched and the teeth grinding together unevenly, no wonder I'm in pain. I've also noticed that my hands are clenched during sleep, I wake up with my hands as fists. 

So my teeth problems and sleep problems are connected. As I wrote in an earlier post; "sleep is not rest for me", no wonder, if both my jaw and hands are so tense that they become clenched during my "sleep". I have a theory about that; I don't think I get enough deep sleep but too much REM-sleep...!?

This is also effecting my eating habits, when the pain is really bad I can't eat solid foods. Some days I don't eat anything, I only drink lot's of water. I've lost quite a lot of weight since Christmas and I keep losing it. The "menopause fat" is decreasing, which is not so bad. But I don't want to suffer from malnutrition, so I've bought "nutrition drinks" with lot's of protein from the pharmacy.

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