Tuesday, July 30, 2013

✐ Drones, the next upcoming technology

RT America have uploaded a video on their YouTube Channel: "First commercial drones to start flying this summer". With the Prism "scandal" still fresh in mind, I'm concerned about how the drones will be used...?

I'm quoting this:
"Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sent two letters to FBI Director Robert Mueller asking for the agency to explain its domestic drone program as well as the policies behind it. Assistant Director for the Office of Congressional Affairs, Stephen Kelly, responded to the lawmaker's request saying that "every request to use UAV's must be approved by senior FBI management and without a warrant the FBI will not use a UAV." Also on Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration approved drones to be used for civilian use, and RT speaks with Michael Brooks, producer of The Majority Report, about drones."

I mean, thinking about Prism, how the US government kept it as a secret, until Snowden "whistled". Can we really trust that it won't be used as another spying device, violating the human right of privacy?! I'm aware of that the US isn't the only country developing and using drones, but this is a "progress" that I feel very uncomfartable with. What happened to Democracy, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press and the right to Privacy, etc?

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