Sunday, August 18, 2013

✐ My favorite online TV News Show

Since I started to watch the independent medias news online, mainly on YouTube. I have come across some interesting ones. I've already mentioned 'Democracy Now!' and 'RT America' in an earlier post, but there's one more I watch a lot, The Young Turks. Their show is a bit different from the others, it's more of a News/Talk Show, than just reporting the news. They make comments and have their own opinions, they have discussions, etc. The primary host, Cenk Uygur, is really opinionated and entertaining, I've had many laughs watching/listening to him. Sometimes the whole team have a discussion about some topic, which is interesting and entertaining as well, many laughs from that studio.
"The show's name derives from the English-language phrase "Young Turk", meaning a reformist or rebellious member of an institution, movement, or political party

The Young Turks (TYT) is the name of a progressive daily news and political commentary program hosted primarily by Cenk Uygur. The show, known as The Young Turks, broadcasts via live web stream and YouTube. Politically liberal/progressive and humanist, TYT was founded in 2002 as a liberal talkshow on Sirius Satellite Radio as that radio's first original talk programming. The Young Turks claims to be the first Internet TV news show and the world's largest online news show. Video of the show is streamed daily on their website and is available as a podcast. On 20 April 2013 The Young Turks announced that their YouTube channel had received over 1 billion video views.

Writing for US News, Paul Bedard has described TYT as a group of progressive, outspoken journalists and commentators discussing politics and pop culture" and the founder Cenk Uygur as bringing a, uniquely progressive and topical commentary about politics and pop culture."  
Source: Wikipedia
My TYT Playlist - YouTube

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