Wednesday, August 21, 2013

✐ What a Wonderful World - Is it...?!

Louis Armstrong was one of my mothers favorite artists. This song makes me think about her but I'm also questioning myself if the world is wonderful. My answer to that is NO, I hate this world, I can't wait until my life is over, I want it to end now. Yeah sure I'm aware of that I suffer from major chronic depression, however maybe I'm not sick, I mean look at what's happening in the world and at the history of mankind. How can you not feel depressed about it?

My mother suffered from major chronic depression as well, she grew up in Sweden during WWII, okay so we were not invaded by the nazis, we were so called "neutral" (yeah sure). After the war ended and all the horryfying crimes that the nazis had carried out, came out to the public, must have affected all people of that generation. It definetly had an impact on my mother, she always said that the world was an ugly place.

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